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“tiThink´s assesment model allows us to break through functional fixations which big strategic consultories follow.”

Professional dedicated to the world of Marketing and Digital Transformation. He has come to be comfortable within online canals and e-marketing´s development and management. He took part in El Monte, Savings Bank in 1986, swimming across various positions related to innovation. During the last 15 years, he has been pioneer in transforming non-presential channels in financial entities: e-banking, telephone banking, corporative webs, on-line business development, ticketing and social networks.

As an executive within the sector, he has lead several fusion operations -such as the ones in Cajasol, Caja Guadalajara and Banca Cívica-; integrating proecesses, people and technology.

Music is his passion. He is a Music graduate by Seville´s Music Conservatory, therefore he posseses a clear creative profile. He defines himself as an entrepreneurial soul, people-and-organizations-lover, who is always on search for new challenges, knowledge and experiences.

He has become who he is today due to over 30 years of experience in the technology world and the creation of programs regarding the development of people management, management abilities and training trainers. Thanks to IT and people, he has obtained and innovative vision in business transformation. He usually takes part, as a speaker, in may forums related online marketing, Web Design, Social Networks and Business 2.0.

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