This is our company

tiThink is a Technological Assesment company designed to maximize our client´s business perfomance, always establishing technology as a centerpiece to boost productivity within any type of corporation.

Therefore, we focus our assesments in Transforming Technological Behavior, helping our clients find a more solid and secure organization. We sit down with you to decide how we are going to transform it and we apply any resources we have to guarantee the changes will be successful.

We are very experienced in transforming processes and we involve ourselves in our client´s projects so we can work together, as it shoul be.

Our clients divided into sectors

Financial 30 %
Public 25 %
Private 45 %

How may we help you?

Why choose tiThink?

IT and Business Alignement

tiThink works with its clients, helping them understand technology should be aligned with their business goals, structuring them in a way that reduces risks to a minimum.

Managing Technology Efficiently

We assist organizations in improving the management of IT, enhacing the effectiveness and quality of relationships between Systems, Organizations and Providers.

Knowledge of Necessities

Counting with many years of experience in business, we know what an organization needs. We focus our work into making easy and reasonable projects.

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Nos encontramos en la Avda. Diego Martínez Barrio 4, 2ª Planta - Módulo 3
Edificio Viapol Center - 41013 - Sevilla
Teléfono: [+34] 954 389 011
Correo electrónico: info@tithink.com