What can we offer?

Technological models have become a critical aspect for the competitiveness of global organizations. The efficient management of IT is an extremely important subject in a corporation´s strategic plan, since it is found within its highest expenses.

The people responsible for system-care are becoming more aware of the importance of deeply analyzing the risks surrounding IT decisions, of guaranteeing those decisions can merge with the company´s strategic plan and evaluating the effect of their investment within the financial results they might get. On other words, they are starting to use IT as a way to increase their company´s value.

Therefore, we have created tiThink an assessment company specialized on informational technology that can maximize the performance of your company by considering technology as a strategic factor for its business.

tiThink brings solutions to organizations that want to take a step up-front and knows technology is going to continue changing the way one sells its products, thanks to the increase of efficiency and the alignment of all areas regarding IT and business.

Technological Consultant

  • IT and business alignement
  • Business Plan and Company viability
  • Systems´ strategic plans
  • Technological Due Diligence for fusions and acquisitions
  • Project´s Office
  • ICT provisioning management
  • Control of ICT expenses
  • Selecting and arranging CORE solutions

Digital Transformation

  • Developing business apps
  • Digital transformation strategies applied to your corporation
  • Software and fitted solutions for business
  • Developing brand, Corporative image and Branded content
  • SEO/SEM strategies
  • Writing down and managing contents
  • Graphic design, IU/UX and Web Design (Internet/Intranet)
  • Assesment and management of Social Networks

Business Intelligence

  • Creation of data models
  • Definition of KPIs
  • Data extraction, process and analysis
  • Data mining
  • Development of scorecards
  • Electronic exchange of datum
  • Tools for managing and supporting during decisions-making processes
  • Creation of suited reports


  • Implementation of ISO 27001- Management of the Security of Information
  • National Security Scheme and Schema Interoperability (NHIS)
  • Organic Law of Data Protection
  • Intruder test and Ethical Hacking
  • Risk Analysis
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Indutrial Cybersecurity
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance


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